(Re)generative Systems change trailblazer
Global Speaker and facilitator

(Re)imagining the future of business with (re)lational intelligence

The meta-crisis is not only the biggest threat to our future, it is also our greatest opportunity for growth and transformation.

The grim prognosis for life on this planet is the

consequence of a few centuries of forgetting what traditional societies knew."
-Noam Chomsky

Ryan (Ra) James

Ryan (Ra for short), is a regenerative systems change trailblazer shifting business worldview and mindset to embody the changes that the future is requiring of us by transcending the trapped conditionings of business-as-usual altogether. He brings together various disciplines including linguistics, animism & kinship, ecological economics, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and traditional Indigenous knowledge systems to orient us with post-anthropocentric approaches to systems change, business and law.

Over the last 14 years, Ryan has traveled and worked in over fifty-five countries on six continents. While on this journey, he was (and still is) mentored by various elders and cultural guardians of Original Peoples who shared with him their wisdom of seeing and being in the world. His current work focuses on integrating the intersectional, creating the purposeful and simplifying the complexities of creating purposeful, evolutionary, relational, regenerative and pluriversal futures.

He speaks & works worldwide with individuals, businesses, non-profits, educational institutions and governments to revitalize a worldview of inter-being while designing innovative & adaptive systems rooted in pragmatic solutions for applied action.


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Featured TEDx Talk

Ryan has spoken with dozens of businesses, educational institutions and summits focusing on integrating transformational ancestral wisdom into our modern contexts to prepare and transform businesses into the next paradigm of future-ready leadership. 

He illuminates the unseen parts of our individual and collective mindsets that continue to create compartmentalized systems of degeneration in the effort to rebalance human life with Earth. He does this through simplifying complex topics, sharing about regenerative and cultural life-ways, bringing coherence into our relationships and reverse engineering a future worth living in.

My core insight:

Transformative business models of value arise from the synergy of fearless imagination, relational intelligence, cultural wisdom, and radical creativity.

The Three-Tiered Approach

Restoring an Interconnected Worldview + relational intelligence
Reimagining organizational Cultures of Purpose + resilience
Regenerating Systems + building Adaptive Operations and strategy

Speaking & Workshop Offerings

(Re)igniting inspiration and imagination for transformational global leadership to reverse engineer the future.

(Re)claiming language and kinship worldview as ways to expand the possibilities and progress of sustainable business.

(Re)membering cultures into organizational culture to build resilient, adaptive and purposeful teams.

(Re)building circularity that focus on a multi-dimensional framework of relational and regenerative methods.

project tipping point
Inner shifts for external change

Join Project Tipping Point, a global community of 275+ un-learners and change-makers from 55 countries, reimagining the future of business beyond the business-as-usual paradigm. Be part of the movement that’s driving innovative change and sustainable growth worldwide.

Work with Ryan

Individuals & 1:1 Guidance

Ryan offers highly focused and transformational experiences designed for individuals seeking to elevate their wisdom, worldview, and creativity to new heights. With over 14 years of intensive global travel and study, Ryan brings a wealth of knowledge into creating curated, innovative, embodied, and intersectional bespoke learning journeys. These experiences cater to executives, educators, and anyone on the path of transformational, embodied global leadership, recognizing the urgent need to revolutionize our approaches to life, relationships, and organizations. He offers multiple tiers and orientations of his 1:1 guidance, including hybrid models of in-person and online engagements.


Ryan collaborates with organizations on global speaking engagements (remote or in-person), purpose-led consulting for net-zero goals, transitional change management, and nature-positive circular economies. He designs bespoke learning and development programs and hosts executive leadership trainings and workshops. Additionally, Ryan partners with Original People’s elders and ancestral cultural guardians, serving as turnkey impact facilitators and wisdom councils. Together, they infuse integrity, illumination, and intention into the genetic fabric of an organization’s values framework and aligned operations.

Educational Institutions

Ryan’s delivers proper, holistic education that spans from university and post-graduate executive programs to K-12 schools. His message and methodologies are scalable, integrative, and designed to resonate with learners at all levels. Combining experiential wisdom, ecocentric thought-leadership, and eloquent creativity, Ryan’s approach sparks transformational change and fosters allyship throughout educational institutions and their student bodies. His work not only enhances the learning experience but also instills a deep sense of purpose and connection to the natural world, preparing students to be future-ready leaders in a rapidly changing world.


Ryan guides three different online courses and hosts various in-person immersions. Additional information is below:

  1. (re)Biz: a business-as-usual un/school that consists of evolutionary online offerings & emergent-creation-labs designed to equip all people with the worldview and skills to create regenerative and pluriversal post-growth futures. It is for those who want to (re)define business-as-usual from its deepest roots. They offer their core 4-week course and PROJECT TIPPING POINT, a 6-week education-in-action social movement which has already educated over 275 business leaders from 55 countries. 
  2. (re)purpose law:  a transformational learning and development course for lawyers and legal teams to prepare them for the changes and challenges that the legal profession is to undergo in the global transition towards net zero, nature-positive, circular and resilient economy.
  3. Sixth Sun Immersions: an in-person offering that creates immersive experiences at the intersection point of cultural cosmovision, ancestral wisdom, integrated plant medicine ceremonies and regenerative systems change praxis. These immersions are incredible opportunities to be in the presence of elders and cultural guardians to experience ancestral wisdom, transformational ceremonies and to learn how to embody the values required to live in harmony with Earth.

In our every deliberation we must consider

the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations."
-Haudenosaunee worldview

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